Rosehip Mill – Terms and Conditions

Rosehip Mill endeavours to provide its customers with a high quality and value for money artisanal product. It is necessary however to have Terms and Conditions which are associated with our product and service and we would politely ask that you read these carefully to avoid any misunderstanding or disappointment.

Please note that you will need to provide your own pair of sharp scissors or secateurs to make this wreath.  Furthermore, this is a  wreath making kit for the buyer to assemble themselves and as such the completed wreath will vary from kit to kit depending on the individual making the wreath and their choice of placement of foliage and accessories.

Returns Policy

As wreath making kits are a perishable product, it is not our policy to offer returns. Please therefore look carefully at the example photos and all information on dimensions, to make sure that you are choosing a product which is suitable for you. Please kindly note that our wreaths are designed to be displayed for a limited time over the Christmas (or other festive) period and will gradually lose appearance as plants become dehydrated or discoloured with time. This process varies from plant to plant.

Please take particular note of the fact that our wreaths are intended to be displayed on an external door (or similar vertical surface). Whilst they may be displayed on an internal door (for example into a flat) the durability of the wreath is likely to be severely affected by more elevated indoor temperatures or lack of humidity. In these circumstances you may be better advised to purchase an artificial or pre-dried wreath display.

At our sole discretion and in exceptional circumstances (for example severely damaged packaging which may have caused damage to contents or caused some contents to fall out or become lost) we will consider sending a replacement to you. We hope you will understand that we can only do this if we are informed within 24 hours of delivery and that there are detailed accompanying photographs which show the damage. It is essential that you have spoken directly to a member of the Rosehip Mill team or received an acknowledgement by email. A replacement may not exactly replicate your original order, depending on supplier availability, but we will do our best!

Delivery and postage information

At Christmas there are always heightened postal volumes and there may be staff shortages within postal and delivery organisations. We cannot offer refunds or returns for situations which are beyond our control. However we really want happy customers so please be sure to order your wreath making kit with plenty of time in hand if you want it for a special occasion!

Please take care when placing an order to ensure that your name, delivery address and post code etc are accurate. Please fill all the information boxes on our site. We are unable to refund any orders which are sent to the wrong address, or where delivery was not possible due to an absence of necessary information like a flat, house or street name! Note also that if there are delays to your delivery caused by a lack of essential additional information then the product may deteriorate. Please do provide a contact number which we can pass on to the delivery company so that when there are small dramas we may be able to help!

Timed deliveries are not available and so it is important that someone is at home to take delivery of your order. Please remember that a wreath making kit is bulky and cannot go through a letterbox! Whilst we always find ‘additional delivery information’ useful, details which are inaccurate, or which conflict with our terms and conditions or which impose conditions which are outside our contractual scope, are also beyond the scope of our liability.

If you are unable to take physical delivery of an order there may be circumstances in which your wreath kit box can be left for you in a safe place, for example with a friendly neighbour. We know you are busy and we will try to be as flexible as we can but we are subject to the terms and conditions of our delivery contractors. Under no circumstances can Rosehip Mill take responsibility for the safe delivery of your order if you require it to be left somewhere else or deposited outside your address. This is because we cannot reasonably be expected to judge local security issues.

Product Variations

We will always try to minimise any variations to our actual product. Whilst the example photos on our website are intended to be as accurate as possible we are continually ordering perishable natural products. These supply chains are often subject to conditions which are beyond our control (such as the weather!). When you order we will use our best efforts to inform you of anything which could change the appearance of your wreath. These variations will not affect the value of the services we provide to you but could affect your enjoyment of the product, so we do ask that you pay careful attention to any written or verbal communications about product variation during the ordering process.

Financial Terms

Please note that we cannot extend credit for our orders. If you order a product and the payment process is interrupted you will unfortunately not receive any associated delivery. So please look out for a confirmation of your payment.

Important Further Information including SAFETY INFORMATION

Whilst we want to avoid worrying customers unduly, it is of course important to note that no part of any wreath is intended for human or animal consumption. There are many plants in nature which are toxic and where medical intervention may be needed, depending on the quantity ingested. There are plants which may cause allergic reactions in certain individuals, or more generally. Due to the nature of our supply chain and natural human or animal variability it is not possible for us to provide any sort of assurances in this regard.

We would particularly ask that all parts of the wreath making kit are kept away from small children and family pets. If you have concerns about allergic reactions, we would advise assembling the wreath using a pair of lightweight gloves, such as kitchen gloves.

Please also note that as a natural product which will decay over time, items may fall from the wreath. This may be accentuated by local conditions such as the regular opening and closing or banging of a door, or by draughts and weather. There could be some mild discoloration of surfaces which could be more severe in certain situations (for example squashed berries on carpets!).

Please take care to check regularly for items which may have fallen off the wreath and which could pose a risk to carpets or floors. More importantly please be aware that fallen objects might pose a significant risk to children or pets.